Whispers in the Kitchen, by object and fine art jewellery artist, Jane Frances Reilly

Whispers in the kitchen is a collection of fine art jewellery and sculpture, which are constructed in metals such as sterling silver, copper and brass. Jane hand forms and cuts the individual pieces enamels them and then works back into the surface with a Dremel to create surface texture and a drawn element.

Jane grew up in a large Catholic family, mother raising the family, father a police officer. In this series, she explores the concepts around the psychology of domesticity, gender roles and Catholic guilt all within the dynamic of the family. In fact, she affectionately calls her sculptures families. She uses humour in her work to great effect and her vibrant colour pallet speaks to the individual fighting to stand out in the chaos of a large family dynamic. These earrings, whilst plain in colour, the raw metal being the focus, are called odds and ends. Every kitchen has an odds and ends draw, the place you put all those things you can’t deal with or don’t use/address very often. Jane uses domestic objects as metaphors for family relationships and dynamics. The abstract fork, cheese grater, spoons, knives, goblets. Their modularity enables the individual to interact with the works and curate their own stories. A piece that forms a fork, also reveals other elements, position it one way and it could be a chalice, turn it the other and it becomes a Ned Kellyesk figure.  As you would expect, there are so many layers and complexities to this series of works, it is surprising when you consider the simplicity in which Jane has resolved their construction. I make special mention of the modular sculptures,

I feel their absolute genius element, is the re-purposing of the “white picket fence”. Principally it resolves a functional objective, but analyse it further and it adds a whole other, goosebump inducing layer. For the white picket fence is encoded with layers of meaning all linked to the “Australian dream”, domestic bliss, façades, barrier, protection, aspiration, appearances and the list goes on. This simple element and its positioning in context, draw it all in, giving this complex concept a depth that cannot go unnoticed. I recommend spending a moment exploring these concepts further when looking at these works. 

Please contact us directly to inquire about Jane's Sculptures. We have a large selection of her Fine Art Jewellery available in our stockroom.

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