Beautiful new works in the gallery from still life painter Esther Eckley

Working in oils, Esther’s current aim is to capture the beauty of every day objects, flowers and plants through still life scenes. She is a representational painter whose work aims to generate feelings of nostalgia, delight and inspiration through the objects and colours that are used in her artwork. As well as capturing the light and beauty of each object, shadows also play an important part in her paintings. The goal is to paint in a way that resembles an object with an original slant in a simple yet elegant way, in a bid to seize the opposites of light.

More recently, Esther has started to feature objects and colours associated with retro objects in a bid to create interest, enjoyment and interaction amongst the audience. This approach resonates well with people of varying ages and tends to generate feelings of nostalgia and fun with the overall goal being to capture the beauty of the subjects and generate a connection with the audience. The work aims to tap into the relationships and associations people have with objects that remind them of their past and to generate dialogue and intrigue among people of all ages and backgrounds. An example would be a pink plastic butter dish and a blue tin teapot featured in her recent paintings, objects that are no longer ‘modern’ but once used to be a common feature on the dinner table. The bold brushstroke style that Esther uses also aims to signify the boldness and simplicity of the objects.

Esther’s inspiration comes from her childhood where gathering around the table to eat a meal or generally converse with others was an important, joyful and sometimes formal occasion. Flowers have an important role to play in her still life scenes, the inclusion of which aim to balance the boldness of the other objects with the fragility and elegant presence of a flower.

Esther’s work involves balancing light with shadow, boldness with fragility, masculine with feminine and colour with darkness.