Amelia Vivash!

Amelia Vivash is currently showing at the gallery until mid May. A graduate of the Whitehouse School of Design who has also trained at Central Saint Martins Art School, London, this edgy young artist is at the beginning of an exciting career and already turning heads! In her own words:

"Amelia Vivash has disembowelled a rainbow over a glut of canvases and objects. Portraying period blood, intestines and cartoon icons like Donald Trump and Spongebob Squarepants. It is an appetite for destruction in a HOT MESS of neon-paint, blood and FAT. So this is a painterly portal to what's lurking underneath.

We are keeping this show open 2 weeks longer than scheduled as Amelia is making her first trip to New York and LA whilst her show is hanging here, we are looking forward to showing some content from her during her travels!