Dungog Contemporary
presents BROOD

BROOD is a group show featuring Newcastle artists Sally McDonald, Gavin Vitullo and Braddon Snape. The exhibition is on until the 13 March. The opening held on the 17th February was a great success. Guests enjoyed meeting Sally and Gavin, while being treated to the tunes of Those Jazz Guys, Duncan Harty and Pedro Flanagan Click here for the full invitation The exhibition is on until the 13 March.

Other artists on show and in the stockroom: Madeleine Cruise, Stephen HobbsBelinda StreetEsther Eckley Jen Denzin and as well as "Whispers from the kitchen" by Melbourne based sculptor and art jeweller Jane Francis Reilly. You can visit our online stockroom where we have available a selection of Fine Art Editions from some of Australia's most recognised artists as well as art jewellery from Jane Francis Reilly and others.

We look forward to seeing you when you next visit Dungog Contemporary at 146-150 Dowling Street, Dungog. We are open 9:00 to 5:00 Monday to Friday days and 10:00 to 4:00 on Sundays.


Madeleine Cruise

Newcastle based artist, Madeleine Cruise explores the role of ritual and habit in everyday life through her painting practice looking at the way these practices contribute to personal identity and purpose.

Her work is inspired by iconography and the performance associated with her experience of religious and cultural festivities.

Mandy Robinson

Mandy uses the repetitive nature of her practice as a form of meditation. Her wonderfully detailed line work builds up form and texture. This same meditative practice translates into her sculptural work, which she describes as 'examples of three-dimensional drawings.'

Jen Denzin

Jen has exhibited regularly in Newcastle for the past 10 years. She uses commonplace materials such as plastic buckets, drinking straws, cable ties and tacky mementos to construct gaudy assemblages and vibrant environments. Her work is informed by historical meeting points, honing in on the interplay between peoplegroups and cultures specifically in the AsiaPacific region.

Jane Frances Reilly

Jane is a Melbourne based artist who works with copper, brass, Sterling Silver and found materials to produce objects and art jewellery encoded with references to the familiar. She is prolific in her production.

Stephen Hobbs

Stephen is a fine art photographer who has a fascination with architecture and the landscape. He uses traditional in camera photographic techniques to capture the critical detail of his subject matter. 

Esther Eckley

Welsh born Esther started exhibiting in Wales and England in 2007. Her aim of capturing the moody colours of those lands resulted in a great deal of success painting landscapes and seascapes.

In 2015 Esther relocated to Australia with her family. The unique light and colours of Australia had a strong impact on her as she captures the beauty of everyday objects, flowers and plants.

Belinda Street

Belinda Street is an Australian Artist, currently living and working in Newcastle, NSW. Predominantly known for her expressive Australian Landscapes, Street’s work explores the relationship between representation and abstraction with a sensitive concern for painterly qualities.

Sarah Crawford

Sarah works across many disciplines including textiles, jewellery, objects, sculpture and painting. She has a Fine Arts degree from UNSW. The work on exhibition is a Calderesque kinetic sculpture.