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Dungog Contemporary Presents - Katherine Rooney

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A lifetime painter Katherine attended The National Art School in Sydney where she studied painting under Bill Brown.

Represented for many years by Howard Leonard Galleries in Paddington, Sydney. Rooney has moonlighted for many years as a sales rep for an art supply company in order to feed her painting habit. The works in this exhibition documenting stops upon her travel’s. These are paintings of road, sky, land and cattle, a familiar terrain that is so much a part of our collective memory, yet they are more than that.

“On my road trips I listen to classical music and talk back radio, it evokes a familiar memory of childhood trips in the car, the radio replacing the natter of family conversation. Getting out of the car for short stops just to look up and away and soak up the atmosphere”. Recording these standout moments into her mind and going back to the the studio to make paintings that capture the dramatic sky, the sweeping and rolling countryside, the cattle grazing and the ever changing colour and contrast of the countryside. “Landscape painting provides me with an escape from the noise of the city and gives me a sense of joy and peace”. These works are produced in her studio in Marrickville, Sydney which is located directly underneath the flight path. The works giving her space an air of serenity, negating the screech of jet engines overhead and bringing the smell of the paddocks onto the canvas.

“Colour which, like music, is a matter of vibrations, reaches what is most general and therefore most indefinable in nature : it’s inner power” Paul Gaugin