Harrie Fasher - Sculpture

I am a mid career artist working across the disciplines of sculpture, drawing and installation. Based in Oberon NSW, I produce small and large scale steel sculptures which utilise the equine form as a metaphor for human struggles; exploring the horse and its relationship to humans on a physical, historical and mythological level.

Primarily constructed from steel rod, the sculptures are essentially three-dimensional drawings. Harnessing the drawn energy of line, an innate tension is derived from the implied weight and physical scale of the animal in movement. The sculptures, made with attention to anatomical accuracy, can be read literally although they are metaphors for human psychological states.

Shoulder to shoulder is both a study of movement and an exploration of space. It describes two horses depicted at full gallop, their interpretation is open to the viewer; which may be more literal – riding off for a ball, or subliminal –the race one has with your second self.

Living and making work in a regional area has made this process of exploration and relationship building with artists a vital part of my artistic process. Revisiting past mentors or residencies both inspires and motivates my practice. 

Alongside my arts practice I teach at the National Art School and run rural sculptural welding program for women, in addition to mentoring a number of artists. 

I am currently working in my Oberon studio on a large-scale sculptural commemorating the centenary of the Charge of Beersheba, to be installed at Sculpture by the Sea. Alongside this I am developing sculptures for an upcoming solo show at King Street Gallery; a travelling exhibition about WWI and the western front with artists including Euan McCleod, Wendy Sharpe, Idris Murphy. These projects run whilst I am preparing and exhibiting sculptures in various group exhibitions.

The research, education, creative development and network building provided by a stay in the Cite would be pivotal in my artistic and professional practice.

I would utilise the Cite residency to develop responses to iconic art works; focusing on both Rodins completed sculptures and his process; and the sculptures Modern and Contemporary collections of the Centre Pompidou. Working on a small scale I would produce drawings and sculptural studies in card, wax and clay. On leaving Paris, I will cast select works in bronze at my UK based mentor Lawrence Edwards’ foundry.  

Recently I was awarded the Helen Lempriere Scholarship and proposed travelling to the UK and Belgium to maintain pre-existing mentorships and instigate another. A 2018 residency at the Cite would allow me to utilise the scholarship to undertake an uninterrupted block of personal research. As a regional artist it would be invaluable to have direct access to the historically iconic works housed in Paris.

Harrie is represented by King Street Gallery Sydney.

Shoulder to shoulder 2 RGB.jpg
Shoulder to shoulder 3 RGB.jpg

“Shoulder to Shoulder” 2017

Mild steel plate and rod
545 x 785 x 275