“Domestic Protest” 2018 bird cage stud earrings

jfr earings 4.5 x 3 cms $395.jpg
jfr earings 4.5 x 3 cms $395.jpg

“Domestic Protest” 2018 bird cage stud earrings


Object and fine art jewellery artist
Jane Francis Reilly
“Domestic Protest” 2018
Bird cage stud earrings, large, khaki, rust, black and soft grey.
These earrings can be work several ways as the sterling silver hooks are easily reversed or work on their own.
Sterling silver, copper and enamel paint
30 x 45mm

“Domestic Protest” Rationale

This body of work has a lovely playful way of portraying the complex concept, which underpins Jane’s practice. They are designed with the aims of breaking down gender roles still embedded in our contemporary society. The wearer is given the confidence to break out of predisposed gender roles. This series of works are represented through the imagery of bird cages devoid the bird. They are protest pieces, demanding the bird cannot and will not be kept in the cage. In this case the bird is female and the cage represents gender roles. They are delightful in their aesthetic and simplicity, engaging wonderful humour, while dealing with such a complex, subversive subject. A subtle demonstration, the right to rebel.

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